Our rules

  • 1.1. This Agreement establishes the specifics of the provision of exchange services by the Online Service.
    1.2. Users include individuals and organizations(s) who have agreed to cooperate with the Online Service.
    1.3. With a general mention, the User and the Online Resource are called Parties.
    1.4. The Agreement is considered to be a public offer, the acceptance of which takes place by submitting an order by the User to receive services provided by the Online Service. The order is submitted via a web resource enter-change.com .

  • 2.1. Online resource enter-change.com provides services, the list of which is specified in clause 4 of the Agreement, but the User is obliged to follow the standards set out in clause 9. "Procedure for performing exchange transactions". The services are provided in accordance with the procedure defined by the Regulations, the provisions of which are spelled out in clause 5 of the Agreement.
    2.2. The user who made the exchange operation must make a payment for it.

  • 3.1. Online service enter-change.com undertakes the following obligations:
    3.1.1. To exchange electronic currencies of the payment systems Qiwi, Payeer, Perfect Money, Paycash, Yandex Money and some other EPS in accordance with the rules stipulated in this agreement.
    3.1.2. To provide information and technical support to Users in the course of their consumption of the services provided by the Online Service.
    3.1.3. Guarantee the confidentiality of information regarding the execution of exchange transactions (personal information of customers, time of transaction, amount) and transfer them to Users who have made the corresponding payments. If an anonymous payment system took part in the exchange process, then such an operation receives the status of "confidential" and is not subject to further disclosure.
    3.1.4. Restrict access of unauthorized persons to the data about the payment.
    3.1.5. Provide discounts to the User in accordance with the procedure established by the Agreement.
    3.1.6. Ensure the transfer of funds to the account of the User or a third party no later than one day after the receipt of the complaint in the situations listed in paragraphs 3.2.5, 5.4—5.6 of the Agreement.
    3.1.7. To keep secret and not disclose information on exchange transactions, as well as personal data of the Internet Service User to third parties, except for the following situations: - by a lawful court decision at the location of the owner of the Internet Service; - at the legitimate request of the competent authorities at the location of the owner of the Internet service; - at the request of the administration of one of the payment systems, namely Perfect Money, Payeer, Qiwi, Yandex.Money and others.
    3.2 The User undertakes the following obligations:
    3.2.1 Provide the correct personal information and the required details for performing the operation. Before submitting it, you need to make sure that there are no errors and typos in this information.
    3.2.2 Indicate the truthful and up-to-date details of your email address. The functions of sending and receiving emails should work without restrictions.
    3.2.3. Create opportunities to receive notifications from the system by email. Provide access to the network using a computer or other device. Install antivirus programs so that the connection to the Online resource is as secure as possible.
    3.2.4. Comply with the requirements of this Agreement.
    3.2.5. Notify the resource administration if the funds have not been fully or partially credited to the recipient's account. And also about all situations when the circumstances specified in clauses 5.4—5.6 of this Agreement took place. The notification should be sent to the administration no later than one month after the occurrence of the relevant incident. Failure to comply with this requirement leads to the transfer of disputed amounts to the account of the Online service.
    3.2.6. Comply with the laws of your country of residence and citizenship.
    3.2.7. Do not violate the requirements of regulatory acts that establish the specifics of conducting an exchange online.
    3.3. Online service rights enter-change.com:
    3.3.1. Temporarily stop the operation of the service for troubleshooting and modernization.
    3.3.2. Stop the transaction if the competent authorities, partners or the User's complaint about fraudulent actions has been received. The exchange stops for the time necessary to clarify the situation.
    3.3.3. To establish a system of discounts on exchange transactions at your discretion.
    3.3.4. Set and change exchange fees.
    3.3.5. Restrict a potential User from accessing their services without explaining the reasons for refusal.
    3.3.6. If an error is made during the exchange process, then the Online service has the right to require the User to confirm the transaction by means of communication, e-mail, a screenshot of the virtual wallet.
    3.3.7. Interrupt a conversation with a User who behaves inappropriately or restricts employees in obtaining the data necessary to solve his question.
    3.3.8. Block the payment in the cases provided for in clauses 5.4—5.6 of this Agreement or the Regulations.
    3.3.9. Block the transfer, and do not return the funds until the User's identity is identified.
    3.3.10. The Service has the right to freeze funds received from the Client.
    3.4. The security service of the service has the right to freeze the client's order if he has somehow received illegal enrichment in this or a third-party exchange service and is on the list of debtors, until the reasons are clarified and compensation for losses incurred by the exchangers from this user.
    3.5. The exchange service reserves the right to revise the terms of remuneration in the referral program.
    3.6. Referral fees are not accrued if the exchange service receives a profit of less than 0.6%.
    3.7. Referral charges can be withdrawn if the invitee has 5 or more referrals. Also, each of the 5 referrals must have at least one successful order.
    3.8. The online service has the right to suspend the operation if the purpose of extracting profit by the client is revealed on the difference in exchange rates of the exchange service. In this case, the order is blocked until the circumstances are clarified by the service administration.
    3.9. The Service has the right to recalculate the rate fixed by the order, in the case of: - a long delay in the receipt of funds from the client to the service, due to a delay on the part of a third-party service. - the client indicated the minimum commission when transferring for the transaction, which led to a long delay in the receipt of funds to the service account.
    3.10. The exchange rate is fixed at the time of receipt of all necessary confirmations required for a trade transaction from our partners.
    3.11. Fixing the exchange rate at the time of execution of the order:
    3.11.1. Online service enter-change.com reserves the right to set an introductory exchange rate at the time of execution of the order.
    3.11.2. When creating an order by the user, enter-change.com provides only an approximate exchange rate based on current market data. The online service does not guarantee that the final course will coincide with the one provided when creating the order.
    3.11.3. Online service enter-change.com is not responsible for changes in the course after the creation of the order and until the execution of the order.
    3.11.4. The order execution time may vary depending on the transaction volume, network status, market conditions and other factors. Enter-change.com guarantees to make maximum efforts for the prompt execution of the order, but cannot guarantee specific deadlines.
    3.11.5. Enter-change.com has the right to cancel the order in case of significant fluctuations in the market, which may negatively affect the final rate. In this case, the user will be notified immediately.
    3.11.6. Online service enter-change.com reserves the right to determine the final exchange rate based on the average price of open stock quotes at the time of execution of the order. This makes it possible to provide the most relevant and market-commensurate rate for each individual order.
    3.11.7. The exchange rate includes the commission of the exchange service, which is up to 0.5% of the exchange value of the asset. This fee covers all related expenses of the exchange service.

  • 4.1. Enter-change.com conducts electronic money exchange operations of payment systems such as Bitcoin, Perfect Money, ePayments, Elecsnet, Yandex.Money, Payeer, Qiwi. Banks take part in making payments, a list of which is available on the website;
    4.2. The online service does not have the authority to verify the User's rights to the funds that participate in the exchange.

  • 5.1. The exchange begins upon the transfer of money from the User.
    5.2. The exchange is considered completed after the transfer of money to the details provided by the Client.
    5.3. The User does not have the right to cancel the operation after it has started or to demand a refund of the funds transferred for exchange.
    5.4. If the User has transferred an amount whose value does not match the details indicated when making the exchange, the Online service has the right to stop the operation. Upon the User's request in accordance with clause 3.2.5, the Online Service exchanges the amount actually transferred, taking into account the exchange rate relevant at the time of the start of the transaction.
    5.5. If it is impossible to make an exchange due to the User's fault, then in this case the refund is made to the User's details, which the User must send from the mail specified in the order. At the same time, commissions are charged, as well as a fine of 2% of the transfer amount.
    5.6. If the User made an adjustment of the payment amount or made a payment from someone else's account, the Online Service has the right to block such a payment. The refund is made at the request of the User on the basis of clause 3.2.5. But the User is charged a commission and a fine of 1%.
    5.7. If the user of the exchanger conducts an exchange in the direction of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, i.e. changes any of the ones presented in the service to Bitcoin, then it should be borne in mind that transactions in the Bitcoin network take from 15 minutes to several days. It does not depend on the exchanger in any way enter-change.com and it can't affect the situation or speed up transaction processing.
    5.8. The receipt of funds in the direction of Visa / MasterCard can be up to 5 (five) banking days.
    5.9. The Client undertakes to make payment on the order within 15 minutes, otherwise the order may be deleted or recalculated at the current exchange rate.

  • 6.1. Resource exchanger enter-change.com does not bear any legal responsibility for the consequences of improper use of the service or for errors made by the User while filling out an order for virtual currency exchange. Payment cancellation is not carried out, even if the money was sent to the wrong account.
    6.2. The Online service does not pay for damage resulting from the loss of operability of the equipment as a whole or its individual parts, which are used by the User during the exchange.
    6.2.1. The exchange service is not responsible for blocking payments by global regulators, according to the AML policy (clause 10). In case of such blockages at any stages of the exchange. The exchange is suspended until the funds are unblocked. The Exchange Service is not responsible for the financial losses of the User. The deadlines for reviewing the incident and the decision are set by the regulator and the exchange service cannot influence them.
    6.2.2. The Client has the right to receive information upon request about the progress of the investigation.
    6.3. The online service is not responsible for payment delays or inaccuracies made in its process due to the actions of banks or payment systems. The exchanger is not responsible for the subsequent, possible, blocking of bank cards and accounts of the user's payment systems after the exchange operation.
    6.3.1. The online service cancels the card verification 1 hour after passing the verification if the client has not completed at least one successful exchange.
    6.4. Enter-change.com it is not responsible for the costs and losses of the User that have arisen as a result of the latter's erroneous ideas regarding tariffs, the profitability of the exchange or other subjective moments.
    6.5. Online service enter-change.com does not compensate for the costs caused by delays or errors in the exchange process.
    6.6. The User confirms the existence of legal grounds for the disposal of funds participating in the exchange.
    6.7. All losses of third parties arising from the use of the Online Service resources by the User are compensated by the latter in full, due to the refund and deduction from future orders.

  • 7.1. Administration enter-change.com has the right to make changes or additions to this Agreement at any time. They acquire force and begin to act after their publication on the resource.

  • 8.1. In the event of insurmountable circumstances, the Parties are released from liability for non-fulfillment or untimely fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement. Insurmountable circumstances are understood as war, terrorist attack, fire, flood, riots, hacker penetration, acts of local authorities. They also include a failure in power supply and lack of access to networks, including the Internet and communication services.

  • 9.1. The online service cannot be used to conduct illegal transactions. The user agrees to be held liable for an attempt to exchange dubious funds, in accordance with the norms of the state within which the violation was committed.
    9.2. If the illegality of the payment is proved, the Online Service has the right to provide information about it at the request of law enforcement agencies, the payment system or the injured party.
    9.3. To make an exchange, the User must withdraw the appropriate amount of electronic banknotes from his virtual wallet. At the same time, he is personally responsible for the existence of legal grounds for crediting money to the wallet, since checking the legality of this operation is not within the competence of the Online service.
    9.4. Making a bank transfer is possible within the framework of online banking of the payment system. If the order was processed through a bank operator or an ATM, the money is returned to the User no later than a day. When transferring to certain destinations, the user must pay a certain percentage of the payment amount: Sberbank (1%), Payeer (0.95%), Perfect Money (0.5%), Yandex Money (0.5%) and EXMO (0.6%). The funds are returned only after the security service determines the sender of the transfer.
    9.5. The Online Service is not responsible for payments made by third parties with the consent of the User.
    9.6. The User accepts the Agreement in full by activating the "I agree with the exchange rules" button.

  • Exchange service enter-change.com performs AML checks. In case of detection of "high risk" tags, the transaction will be frozen and processed within the AML regulations.
    1. High-risk transactions include funds with tags:
    Illegal Service
    Mixing Service
    Fraudulent Exchange
    Darknet Marketplace
    Darknet Service
    Stolen Coins
    Terrorism Financing
    Illicit Actor/Organization
    High-Risk Jurisdiction
    Fraud Shop
    Enforcement action
    Child Exploitation
    2. If there is one of the provided tags, the exchange is suspended until the situation is resolved. We have the right to request verification of the User's identity and request all necessary documents to confirm the origin of funds. For verification, you need to provide:
    3. Photo of the main page of the passport, the page with the specified address of residence. A selfie with a passport (a photo against the background of our website, where the client's personal account and the order for which additional verification is carried out should be visible). To confirm your address, you must provide a payment list that is no more than 3 months old. (For example, payment for housing and communal services/The Internet/Bank statement) The payment document must be in your name and match the place of registration.
    4. After passing the verification, you will receive a refund minus 5% of the amount received. These documents must be sent to our mail [email protected] (The letter must specify the order number and the return address)
    5. If you refuse to undergo verification, then you need to notify us in writing to our email [email protected] , the refusal to pass verification and the refund will be made minus 10% of the amount received. (The letter must specify the order number and the return address)
    6. If the funds were frozen by the world regulator (trading partners), the refund will be made only after the funds are fully unblocked, the refund will be made minus 15% of the amount received.
    7. *The refund fee is charged in connection with the costs of checking AML and other expenses related to funds related to illegal activities, as well as financial losses of the exchange service as a result of blocking reserves.
    8. *The refund time in both cases takes from 12 to 24 hours.
    9. *If our security service does not receive an official request for a refund within 90 (ninety) calendar days, in this case the funds will not be refunded.

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